Keyword: and harvesting; The telephone goes to sea - phoning from the fishing fleet is now as easy as phoning from your own home; "Cheap" light bulb fallacies - imported oriental lights cost less but use more electricity. Unmarked. Average wear


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Scientific American February 1933 Volume 148 Number 2

By: Munn, Orson D.

Price: $149.95

Publisher: New York, Scientific American Publishing Company: 1933

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 35507791

Condition: Good

Features: History in the talkies - a vast amount of research is necessary for accuracy, but is combined with a certain amount of legitimate trickery; Our point of view - is beer intoxicating? Naval economies, Soulless machines; Television in England - a brief survey of envents of 1932 that are indicative of the general trend; More about meteors - astronomers also concern themselves with bodies no larger than bepples and distant only with the width of several counties; Leveling out the hills with more precise molecules - how a study of an automobile's digestion points the way to more power wit... View more info