The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, July 1930, Vol. 65, No. 388: The "White Indians" of North Carolina / The Opium-Smugglers / Nepal Exploration

Generously illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations. Features: The Tragic Pearl - First found off the coast of North-West Australia, a special pearl quickly changes from person-to-person, leaving death in its wake - a famous Australian crime story; The Tiger-Killer - Major Jim Corbett specializes in single-handedly shooting troublesome tigers in the hills of Kumaun, India; Blundering Through the Balkans - Part I - John Gibbons takes his amusing act on the road again; The "White Indians" of North Carolina - A photo-illustrated article about the Croatan Indians, said to be the lineal descendants of Raleigh's ill-fated "Lost Colonists," with whom, in 1587, the friendly Red men abandoned the settlement of Roanoke and went out into the wilds to start life afresh; Left in Charge - A 19-year-old, just six weeks from home, finds himself in charge of a lonely South African sheep farm, only to have alarming things begin to happen, including a skirmish with sheep stealers; The Money-Finder - An amusing story involving a peppery West African Commissioner, a wily native chief who tried to avoid paying his taxes, and a young officer who was a bit of a conjurer; The Boy Who Sought Adventures - Part III - B. Wicksteed continues his amazing young adventures; The Opium-Smugglers - In the ancient walled city of Manila the author met a friend who told him this strange story; My Mystery Job - A queer story told by a builder's foreman concerning a remarkable job he had been called upon to undertake; Whose Hippo? - A nasty legal battle ensues after a Hippo is shot; The Land of Mystery - Part III of III - Col. E. Alexander Powell and his cousin Colonel Gallowhur continue their travels through unexplored Nepal - with many lovely photos; The Djimat - The figurehead of an old sailing ship goes missing during alterations and the superstitious natives of Java are sure trouble is sure to follow; and more. 84 pages plus 28 pages. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. A quality copy of this fascinating vintage issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, July 1930, Vol. 65, No. 388: The "White Indians" of North Carolina / The Opium-Smugglers / Nepal Exploration

Author Name: Charnley, W.; Gill, Eric H.N.; Gibbons, John; Terry, G. Cunningham; Fraser, Ronald H.; Anstey, E.C.; Wicksteed, B.; Taylor, Carl N.; Elleray, Ernest; Nisbet, Maud I.; Powell, E. Alexander; Leal, Etty; Melville, Fred J.

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Travel, Exploration & Adventure, True Crime,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: London, George Newnes: 1930

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Book Condition: Good

Seller ID: 346H5280

Keywords: Wide World Magazine, July 1930, The Tragic Pearl, North-West Australia, Crime Australia, The Tiger-Killer, Major Jim Corbett, Tiger hunter, Kumaun, India, Blundering Through the Balkans, John Gibbons, Balkans, White Indians, North Carolina, Croatan Indians, Croatan, Sir Walter Raleigh, Lost Colonists, Left in Charge, South Africa - sheep farms, sheep stealers, The Boy Who Sought Adventures, B. Wicksteed, The Opium-Smugglers, My Mystery Job, Whose Hippo?, Hippo hunting, The Land of Mystery, Col. E. Alexander Powell, Colonel Gallowhur, Nepal, Nepal - exploration, The Djimat, Java - Superstitions,