The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, March [Mar.] 1926, Vol LVI, No. 335: The Seminoles of Florida / The Wild Tribes of Malaya / Tilden Dakin

Profusely illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations. Features: A Cowboy in Trouble - A tale from Indian Territory which is now part of Oklahoma; The Seminoles of Florida - An interesting photo-illustrated account of these hermits of the Florida wilds; The Longest Voyage on Record - An authoritative account of the "Maria Madre", presently moored at Paysandu, Uruguay - with photos; The Way of the Wild - Photo-illustrated article by cinematographer F. Ratcliffe Holmes about his adventures filming wildlife; Filed - Until Found - The daring escape of John Kelly from the Worcester, MA jail; My First Rhino - After V.G. Bell bagged his first, he was nearly bagged by a nearby rhino; The Wild Tribes of Malaya - Edward E. Long visits unknown stone-age tribes - article with wonderful photos; "Stope Number Five East" - Grim story from the Golden Gleam Mine in Nevada; Among the "White Arabs" - Photo illustrated article on the Shawiya Berbers of Algeria; The Ju-Ju Man's Vengeance - The death of a German by hypnotism in West Africa; Painting Pictures Beneath the Sea - Well-known landscapte artist Tilden Dakin paints submarine 'seascapes' from a diving-bell of his own design; "Ginger" To the Rescue! - A story of the old 'blackbirding' days in the South Seas, when the recruiters were not always over-scrupulous as to how they obtained native labour for the plantations; An Australian Robinson Crusoe - Part II - Jack McLaren spent eight years with savages on the little-known western coast of Cape York Peninsula in Australia - with photos. 88 pages plus 20 pages of nostalgic ads. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice copy of this great vintage issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, March [Mar.] 1926, Vol LVI, No. 335: The Seminoles of Florida / The Wild Tribes of Malaya / Tilden Dakin

Author Name: Carson, Jesse C.; Henderson, J.R.; Holmes, F. Ratcliffe; Bryan, Jack; Bell, V.G.; Long, Edward E.; barker, Reginald C.; Haeseler, John A.; Anderson, W.K.; Dunn, Harry H.; Cairfield, Thomas; McLaren, Jack

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Nautical, Travel, Exploration & Adventure,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International News Company: 1926

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Book Condition: Very Good

Seller ID: 346H5254

Keywords: Wide World Magazine, March 1926, Semang, Sakai, Cowboy, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Seminoles, Florida, The Longest Voyage on Record, Maria Madre, Paysandu, Uruguay, The Way of the Wild, cinematographers, F. Ratcliffe Holmes, wildlife, Filed - Until Found, John Kelly, Worcester Hail, Massachusetts, My First Rhino, V.G. Bell, rhino hunting, rhinocerous hunting, The Wild Tribes of Malaya, Malaysia, Edward E. Long, primitive peoples, stone age tribes, Stope Number Five East, Golden Gleam Mine, Nevada, Among the White Arabs, Shawiya Berbers, Algeria, The Ju-Ju Man's Vengeance, hypnotism, West Africa, Painting Pictures Beneath the Sea, artist, Tilden Dakin, seascapes, diving-bell, "Ginger" To the Rescue, blackbirding, South Seas, recruiters, plantation labor, plantation labour, An Australian Robinson Crusoe, Jack McLaren, Cape York Peninsula, Australia,