The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, November [Nov.], 1925, Vol LVI, No. 331: The Passing of the Texas Rangers

Profusely illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations. Features: The Terrorists - High-powered motor cars confront U.S. authorities with a new problem of desperadoes racing about the countryside, robbing and murdering almost with impunity - a report from Iowa and Kansas; Murchison's Mine - A lost mine is re-discovered beneath the noses of claim-jumpers at Chillagoe in North Queensland - with photos; In Search of the Lost Oases - Part II of a wonderful expedition across the Sahara from Sollum to El Obeid through much unexplored territory - with many interesting photos; A "Cant. Mag." On Trek - a humorous tale; Lost in the Heart of Peru - Part II of G.M. Dyott's adventure in the upper Amazon after he was abandoned by his guide; "On Safari" - F. Ratcliffe Holmes describes the joys and sorrows of life on the march in the heart of Africa - with nice photos; The Passing of the Texas Rangers - A brief account of some of the activities of the Rangers by Alistair Paterson, a man who knew them well; Kruger's Millions - A tale about hidden treasure; The Hut in the Jungle - Chinese detective Ning Wo solves the mystery of a series of apparently purposeless murders on the Malay Peninsula; Revolution A La Mode - An amusing description of a comic opera revolution in a South American Republic; Photo of two Roitscheggen, or "Smoke Men" of the Lotschenthal Valley in Switzerland; Thompson's "Tapu" - A cunning Maori seeks revenge on a white debt collector; Big Game Fishing in New Zealand - Nicely photo-illustrated article on the fighting giants caught in the beautiful Bay of Islands off the New Zealand coast. 88 pages plus 16 pages of nostalgic ads. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice copy of this great vintage issue.

Title: The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventure, November [Nov.], 1925, Vol LVI, No. 331: The Passing of the Texas Rangers

Author Name: Schramm, W. Peter; Macdonald, Robert M.; Bey, A.M. Hassenein; Fitzpatrick, Capt. J.; Dyott, G.M.; Holmes, F. Ratcliffe; Paterson, Alistair; Roland, Oliver; MacKenzie, Lieut.-Col. Donald; Thompson, Rev. W.; Dunsterville, W.W.

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Travel, Exploration & Adventure, True Crime,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International News Company: 1925

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Book Condition: Very Good

Seller ID: 346H5252

Keywords: Wide World Magazine, November 1925, Molybdenum, Molybdenite, Rosita Forbes, Kufra, Rohlfs, Sollum, El Obeid, Jalo, A. Robey, Sir Maynard Hedstrom, G.S. Reade, The Terrorists, United States - crime, Kansas - crime, Iowa - crime, Murchison's Mine, Chillagoe, North Queensland, In Search of the Lost Oases, Sahara Desert, Sollum, El Obeid, Cant. Mag. on Trek, Lost in the Heart of Peru, G.M. Dyott, Amazon, On Safari, F. Ratcliffe Holmes, Africa, The Passing of the Texas Rangers, Texas Rangers - history, Alistair Paterson, Kruger's Millions, hidden treasure, The Hut in the Jungle, Chinese detective, Ning Wo, murders, Malay Peninsula, Revolution A La Mode, South Americ, Roitscheggen, Smoke Men, Lotschenthal Valley, Switzerland, Thompson's Tapu, Maori, Big Game Fishing - New Zealand, Bay of Islands, New Zealand,