The Wide World, The Magazine for Everybody, April [Apr.] 1919, Vol. 42, No. 252: The South Sea Islands

Abundant black and white illustrations and reproductions of photos. Features: Big-Game Hunting for the Cinema - John A. Jordan leads a film expedition into the wilds of British East Africa; The "Gordon" of the Pacific - Thos. J. McMahon visit's Germany's former South Sea possessions - German New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Samoa - and reports on the work of Captain Hunter among the savages of the Solomons - lots of nice photos; Our Chase After A Rogue Elephant - photo-illustrated story from Ceylon; Our Chase After a "Rogue Elephant"; In the Jaws of a Lion - J.S. Cowie was carried about the engine room of his ship in the jaws of a lion!; Kidnapped - a young woman finds herself at the mercy of two desperate men; The Holy City of the Mormons - photo-illustrated article on Salt Lake City; The Strap-Hanger of the Ganges - The crocodile Captain J.G. Bennett thought he had killed comes back to life!; Chased by a Boa Constrictor - a 1902 story from Argentina; My Night With Wolves - hunter is surrounded by wolves in Northern Minnesota; The Lake of Soda - Magadi Lake, in British East Africa; The "Black Hole" of Gottingen - Corporal A. Bramwell of the Royal Welch Fusiliers earned the D.C.M. for his service to fellow POWs suffering from cholera and typhus at the Prisoners' Camp, Gottingen, in WWI; A Woman's Travels in Unknown Asia - Part II - Mary Gaunt set out to explore much of China but, under the influence of bandits, rerouted north to the wilds of Siberia - article with many photos; Humours of the East African Campaign; The Reds of the Maranoa - Two cattle-rustlers in Queensland are killed; A Couple of Pirates - "Dr. Martin" of the U.S. Navy served in Honduras during the Nicaraguan War but encountered difficulties later; My Visit to the Veddas - R.L. Spittel visits primitive natives in the interior of Ceylon - article with photos; Photo of the largest book in the world in Chicago; Photo of monster swordfish caught by Mr. W.C. Boschen off Santa Catalina Island, California; and more. pp. 8 [ads], [2], 444-528, 9-16 [ads]. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. Covers detached as one but present. A quality vintage copy of this wonderful issue.

Title: The Wide World, The Magazine for Everybody, April [Apr.] 1919, Vol. 42, No. 252: The South Sea Islands

Author Name: Jordan, John A.; McMahon, Thomas J.; Smith, C. De Heriz; Cowie, J.S.; Kennedy, Mrs.; Stuart, Martin; Bennett, Captain, J.G.; Gill, R.W.; Parmer, Devore; Lees, George Frederic; Bramwell, Corporal A.; Gaunt, Mary; Beattie, S.A.; Thomason, Hugh; Spittel,R.L

Categories: Magazine Back Issues, Military, Travel, Exploration & Adventure,

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: New York, The International News Company: 1919

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Book Condition: Good

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Keywords: Wide World Magazine, April 1919, Big-Game Hunting, John A. Jordan, film expedition, British East Africa, Thos. J. McMahon, South Sea Islands, German New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Rogue Elephant, Ceylon, In the Jaws of a Lion, J.S. Cowie, Kidnapped, Mormon, Salt Lake City, Ganges River, crocodiles, Captain J.G. Bennett, Boa Constrictor, Argentina, My Night With Wolves, wolf pack, Minnesota, The Lake of Soda, Magadi Lake, British East Africa, The "Black Hole" of Gottingen, Corporal A. Bramwell, Royal Welch Fusiliers, D.C.M., POWs, cholera, typhus, Prisoners' Camp, Gottingen, WWI, A Woman's Travels in Unknown Asia, Mary Gaunt, China, Siberia, Humours of the East African Campaign, The Reds of the Maranoa, cattle-rustlers, Queensland, Australia, Pirates, Dr. Martin, Honduras, Nicaraguan War, Veddas, R.L. Spittel, Ceylon - native peoples, largest book in the world, Chicago, monster swordfish, W.C. Boschen, Santa Catalina Island, California,