Peep Show Magazine, May-June 1952, Vol. 1, No. 8 - Jean Williams Cover Photo

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50 pages, loaded with tempting black and white photos of models including: Pat Williams; Jessica Rogers; Lisa Belle from Quebec; Rusty Davis dancing in Alaska; Anne Marie Coffinet (voted by Southern GIs as "The Girl With the Extra Oomph"); Frances Lee; Billy Davis; Nina Faure; Eve Adams; Nicole Francis; Lisa Lee; Angel Waters; Renee de Pure; Lana Wong; Linda Bishop; Kayo Terry; Double-jointed Glynda Glenn; April Brooks; Obese couple Pappy Carter and Baby Thelma; Icel Condon; Sugar Cane; Tempest Storm; Melodee Lane; Christiane Bage and her python; Alice Allgood; Italian Ladies Silvano Mangano, Luciana Bosi, Lea Padavani, Isa Barzizza, Lucia Bose, Rossana Podesta, and Franca Marzo; Nicole Caroline. Interesting ad for book "I Was Hitler's Doctor" inside back cover; Back cover Charles Atlas ad. Unmarked with moderate wear. A quality vintage copy.