The New York Times Magazine, August (Aug) 23, 1970 - Columbia University Chancellor William J. McGill Cover Photo

92 pages. Features: Cover photo of William J. McGill; Betty Friedan and a "Herstory-" making event; Beautiful color fashion photos; Amazing green and yellow Cone Corduroy ad; Twigs ad features young boy Jason Foster; Mao Makes the Trials Run on Time - China's 'new trend', a wave of show trials; Richard Nixon and George Schultz; Bill McGill Takes Over Columbia's Hot Campus - from La Jolla to Harlem; Marijuana Clouds the Generation Gap - increasingly it is being tried by adults, not just kids; Law Professor John Banzhaf encourages his students to 'sue the hell' out of powerful companies - "Banzhaf's Bandits"; Nice Maidenform color-photo centerfold for their ladies' 'Un-underwear'; Photos of writer May Sarton's home in New Hampshire; Amazing cape fashion photos; YKK colored zipper ad called "The Bold One" features nude model; Thom McAn ad features couple before antique fireplace. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy.