The New York Times Magazine, December (Dec.) 27, 1970 - Spiro Agnew

40 pages. Features: Cover photo of Finch Collegians; Growing Up Liberal In Atlanta - Ivan Allen Jr.; Photo-illustrated article on Finch College in Manhattan, founded by Jessica Garretson Cosgrave - including photo of Grace Slick with Abbie Hoffman; Photo-illustrated article on Spiro Agnew; The New Year's Eve Syndrome - the story of six couples and what has happened to New Year's Eve; One-page Kodak ad features photos of football coaches Murray Warmath, Joe Paterno and Jim Root with Kodak President Gerald B. Zornow; Sun Pattern fashion photos; Interesting one-page color-photo Stratojac ad features funky young couple - the male looking like songster John Sebastian. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy