The New York Times Magazine, January (Jan..) 16, 1972 - What Will Become of Yugloslavia After Tito

80 pages. Features: Illustrated Wall St./Money Game front cover';; What Code of Values Can We Teach our Children Now? - American children today are suffering from widespread parent failure; The Great Money Game - investing challenge winners include Lawrence Zicklin of Neuberger & Berman, and Frank Bliss Lane of Spencer Trask & Co.; An M.D. Reviews Dr. Welby of TV; After Tito - Who Can Keep Together The Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians, Bosnian Moslems, Albanians, Hungarians and Montenegrins?; Pave the Wetlands or Let Them Be? - The fight to develop the great salt meadow in Stratford, Connecticutt; Fantastic color-photo centerfold ad for trissi features fashion model reclining on pillows; Uncommon one-page color ad for Kellogg's new 'Danish Go-Rounds" pastry product; 'Simple by Sleek' fashion photos; Park Avenue duplex apartment is designed by Gabriel Sedlis; Lovely color-photo fashion ads; and more. Average wear. A worthy vintage copy.