The New York Times Magazine, January (Jan..) 23, 1972 - Prince Sihanouk / Five Warring Tribes of South Africa

72 pages. Features: Cover photo of George Meany; The Five Warring Tribes of South Africa - photo-illustrated article by James Michener discusses the Afrikaners, English, Asiatics, 'Coloureds' (of mixed heredity) and the black Bantu; Photo-illustrated article on Prince Sihanouk, head of a Cambodian government-in-exile in China; George Meany's Way isn't President Nixon's; In the Matter of H. Bruce Franklin - the very model of a modern militant radical and - until this month - a tenured professor of English at genteel Stanford University; One-page ad for Gold Key Lake Estates; Ad for the Garrard Zero 100 turntable features inset photo of Emile Berliner; Charming centerfold illustrated ad for Health-tex clothing; Fashion photos featuring ruffles and Taffeta; Geometric Mansion - photos of a Richard Meier designed modern mansion; Lovely color fashion photos; and more. Somewhat above-average external wear. A worthy vintage copy.