The New York Times Magazine, July 10, 1977: Werner Herzog - New Visionary in German Films

64 pages. Features: Can the Show Go On? - The Performing Arts are on the verge of financial collapse; Carl Sagan article on 'The Next Great Leap Into Space'; A New Visionary in German Films - Werner Herzog; We Want to Make These Kids Neurotic - Cornerstone Nursery in Yonkers seeks to help violent and disturbed kids; Nice color-photo centerfold ad for Beefeater gin; A Family's Affair with Japan - Andrew H. Malcolm and his family lived in Japan for 18 months; Too Beautiful Just for the Boudoir - Photo/Fashion feature; Living HIgh in the Sky - Wall St. Executive David Merriman's terrace; Katz in "The Mountains" - Shmuel Katz visits the US to ease American misgivings about Israel; Unmarked with average wear. A sound vintage copy.