Liberty Magazine, July 3, 1937 - Night Raiders in China (Part 1)

54 pages. Features: Great colour cover art of Chinese battle scene by Clymer; The Good Old Days vs. The Good New Days; Ontario Premier Hepburn declares "...There will be no American dictatorship of our labour"; Hon. David A. Croll , former Ontario Labour Minister, argues in favour of industrial unionization; "I Hear You Calling Me" - short story; Night Raiders in China (part 1) - Gordon B. Enders' story of death in the yellow inferno; Mind over Mashie (short story); The Lady Who Blighted His Life (short story); Mr. Dunkle's Diary; Ed Sullivan's photos of 'Comers' - Anne Charpentier, Sam Snead, June Hart, Jack Holland and Thomas Thomas; Ulysses of Avenue A (short story); Family Scandal (part 4); To the Ladies; Mysterious Crime #5 - The Case of the Wisecracking "Uncle" of Broadway - who killed gambler Arnold Rothstein?; Review of movie "I Met Him in Paris"; Alias Emerald Annie (part 8 - table of contents says part 7); Forgotten Millions - unclaimed bank balances. Moderate wear. Unmarked. Address label. Back cover missing. Page 17-18 missing (contained Deanna Durbin article)