Liberty - Canada's Largest Weekly Magazine, August 16, 1941 - Why Hitler Declared War on Russia / Jimmy Stewart's Life in the Army

50 pages. Articles: Why Hitler Declared War on Russia - how Rudolph Hess and his flight figured into it; Why I Publish the Fritz Thyssen Manuscript - the dramatic story behind a remarkable Liberty series; My Life in the Army - by Jimmy Stewart; Problem Horse - the surprising story of Whirlaway; Tournament Golf - It's Tough!; Short Stories: A Very Blind Date; Johnny Allenby and the Beautiful Rebel; Diagnosis; The Indian Sign. Serials: Murder with Southern Hospitality - Part 5; Footsteps Behind Her - Part 9. Ads: Great photo ad inside the front cover features's Toronto's Park Plaza Hotel; Fantastic colour centerfold by GM advocates "A Good Life Work for Any Man"; Castoria children's laxative; Post's Bran Flakes; Palmolive Soap; Sal Hepatica; Cameo Menthal Cigarettes; Dettol; The 1941 CNE; Kotex; Lux Soap - featuring Madeleine Carroll; Tampax; Great WWII ad on back cover photo-illustrates the marine lifeline to Britain and promotes lending to support the war effort. Crossword completed. Average wear. A sound vintage copy.