The Granite Monthly - A New Hampshire Magazine Devoted to History, Biography, Literature and State Progress, May, 1913, Vol XLV, No. 5, New Series, Vol. VIII, No. 5 - Col. John H. Bartlett

Pages 135-166. Features: Col. John H. Bartlett - article with one-page photo portriat of Col. Bartlett; Kimball Union Academy - photo-illustrated article explains the part a New Hampshire academy is playing in the movement for better rural conditions; Old First Church in Tamworth and its Early Ministers; Reminiscences of Old Durham; The Real Old North Church - A Landmark of the Republic; Robert L. Smiley - a tribute of a friend; Obituaries for Hon. Edward H. Sturtevant, Rev. Josiah H. Hooper, Rodney M. Stimson, Christopher C. Shaw, Leonard C. Brickett, Franklin Pierce, Hon. Frank O. Briggs; Poems; Lovely illustrated back cover ad by the Central Vermont Railway/Grand Trunk System Great Vacation Route, with illustration of a vista of Canada's Capital, Otttawa and the Chateau Laurier Hotel; and more. Moderate wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A sound copy of this vintage issue.