The Structurist - From the Mechanical to the Organic, No. 35/36, 1995/1996

160 pages. Features: Organic and mechanical form principles; Virtual reality and nature;Goethe and Alberti; Footnote on Rome - impoverished land emptied of farmers; Alfred Caldwell's idea of the organic at Eagle Point Park; Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen House; New Translations of ancient Chinese Poems; Notes on the Mechanical and the organic in art and nature; Morphology of art and the machine in Russian Avant-garde theory and practice; El Lissitzky; John Ernest (1922-1994); Musical analogies in architecture; The power of Metaphor; Architectural space and artifact; Towards an holistic vision of architecture; Mirroring the planet; In the eye of the elk; Selected excerpts from international Zermatt Symposia on creativity - 1994, 1995; book reviews. Clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. A quality copy.