New Liberty Magazine, September 20, 1947 - Canada's Immigration Scandal / Dusty Henderson Cover Photo

50 pages. Features: Nice one-page two-color ad for Dodge cars features the Dodge Custom Sedan; Canada's Immigration Scandal - Ottawa administrators dither while men like Ontario's Premier Drew bring in immigrants by the planeful; Pat Humbert's - fiction by John Steinbeck; Article on Hollywood's Deborah Kerr; 'Beautiful but Smart" - fiction; Lorne Pierce - photo-illustrated feature on the power behind the Ryerson Press; "The Kiss" - fiction; Where is John Hogan? - Famous Canadian Crimes, No. 4 - solving the 1859 murder of John Sheridan Hogan in Toronto; Article on Porcupines; Great photo feature on model Dusty Henderson; Pre- and post- makeover photos of Mrs. Sarah Walldock; Review of movie 'Golden Earrings'; Photo of Bob Farrell and his dog Nuggetaire snoozing at dog show; Where are they now? - Estelle Taylor; Woman of the Week - Grace Matthews; Personality Test - Art You Tolerant?; Attractive color Coke ad on back cover features couple at gas station with mountain backdrop. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy.