Collier's Magazine, August 24, 1946 - The Roosevelt I Knew

82 pages. Fiction: Leader of the Band; The Other Woman; The Senator was Indiscreet; The Reformer; Sleep, My Love; Callaghan's Miracle. Articles: The Roosevelt I Knew (part 1); No War with Russia; Just Swing the Club Head - Golf Pro Ernest Jones; Why Teachers Quit School; Bermuda - Tourist Paradise; Dowager Queen - Mrs. Twombly; Everyone catches a fish at this lake near Azusa, CA; Color photo aboard a luxuriously appointed C-47 (DC-3) designed by Raymond Loewy; One Year After V-J Day. Ads include: Eveready Batteries; Philco record players; Santa Fe Railroad; *Fantastic* Wurlitzer Juke Box ad "Nickel's worth of fun - fishermen have lunch"; "Crack-Up" movie; Good Year tire centerfold; Frigidaire fridges; Waltham watches; Old Mr. Boston Liquor; Kodak film; Squirt Soda; "The Killers" movie starring Ava Gardner; Aeronca airplanes; Nice Jeep ad inside back cover; Lucky Strike ad on back cover. Unmarked. Moderate wear. A sound vintage copy.