Collier's Magazine, April 6, 1946 - Truman's Troubled Year

90 pages. Fiction: Jealosy (part 1 of 4); That Samba Dress; The Pawn; The Music Stops; The Pipe; Navy Gal. Articles: Truman's Troubled Year; India's Crisis - famine and 100 millioln Muslims create a hard problem for the British government; 70,000 to One! (conclusion) - adventures on New Britain; Surgery can save 'Blue Children'; Are Baseball Managers Necessary?; Guy Madison; Big Business in Ham Radio; Rainy Day Fashions. Ads include: Ford Trucks; Gaines Dog Meal; Lord Calvert ad features photo portrait of author Stuart Cloete; New York Centra Railroad; Jayson Sportswear; Goebel Beer; Lucky Strike (back cover). Unmarked. Average wear. A sound copy of this vintage issue.