Collier's Magazine, January 26, 1946 - The Great Landlord Racket

90 pages. Fiction: Chicago Stopover; Challenge to Romance; Reprieve; Murder Haunts the Ship; Make Way for Uncle Freem!; The Secret. Articles: The Great Landlord Racket; Uneasy Ireland; USA - Peacemaker Among the Powers; Whoop-and Holler Opera; There's Money in the River - cargo on the Mississippi; What Shall I Wear?; Time Bomb in Asia - Ralph A. Conniston looks at troubled Japan; Luck Guides the Puck -ice hockey goalies need plenty of luck and skill; First Lady of France - Mme. de Gaulle. Ads: Nice color GE Radio ad features Frances Langford; International Harvester Trucks/Tractors/Equipment; Mercury cars; Fantastic color two-page Schlitz beer ad features puckered lady; Dodge Trucks; Great 2-page color ad for the Pennsylvania Railroad; Douglas DC-6; Hudson cars; Packard cars; The Cessna 140; Clark's Teaberry Gun; Lucky Strike (back cover). Unmarked. Average wear. A sound copy of this vintage issue.