Collier's Magazine, January 19, 1946 - Crisis in Clothes

78 pages. Fiction: The Way to the Heart; The Traitor; Welcome, Stranger; Murder Haunts the Ship; You First, Son; The Counselor. Articles: Women Have No Manners; How England does It; Crisis in Clothes - the head of the OPA tells how the clothing shortage grew to its present difficulties; American Cover-Up Girl - Meet Sono Osato in Fashion's new treatment of beach attire; Jap Underground in China - can the Japs deceive the Chinese and turn our ally against us?; How We Bought the United States - the government paid more than you realize but made little profit; Eisenhower's African Gamble (Conclusion) - The official story behind the often denounced deal with Darlan; This Week - Clark Gable; Harry the Reach - it's be murder for the opposition when Harry Boykoff plays on the basket ball court. Many great ads including Elsie the Cow, American Airlines, Nash cars, Lucky Strike (back cover) and a full-page Ford ad featuring a large color photo of Henry Ford studying soy plants - theme of ad is how Ford 'grows' its parts on the farm. Unmarked. Average wear. A sound copy of this vintage issue.