Vogue Magazine (US) 15 April 1971 - Gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor Cover Photo

204 pages. Features: The Clothes that Get You Where You're Going and Keep You Happy When You're There; Italy's Romantic Travellers - The new Pucci Prints; Two Modern Goyescas - Carmen and Mariola Martinez de Bordiu; The Going Thing in Watches; Vogue Patterns - good-time looks for every day, everywhere; The Sunaways - Fashion for warm places (photographed in the Canary Islands); Travels with Elizabeth (Taylor); Go Vogue - Where, How, Why to Go - From the People Who Know; The Great Romantic Travellers; Sex on the Go; Eroticism of Hotels; Jet Lag - How Time-Zone changes can shake up travellers' health; How People Really Travel - inside tips, practical and amusing... lifestyles from nomad to grand-hotel; Two Literary Travellers - a dialogue between Baronne Philippe de Rothschild and Mrs. David Bruce; Life on a Houseboat; Piedmont Ball in Atlanta; and much more. Above-average wear. 2" x 3" piece missing from bottom of back cover. Clear tape repairs to spine. Usual library markings. A worthy reference copy.