Maclean's Magazine, June 21, 2000 *G20 - A Billion Dollar Waste of Time*

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98 pages. Features: The End of the Great Financial Stimulus Experiment; Iron Jean Chretien - a Liberal Party Fantasy; Presidential expert Gil Troy in conversation; Who doesn't get into Canada? - a new emphasis on applicants from Asia; Federal Liberals utter the dreaded C (coalition) word; $4 Million G20 Fence in Ontario; America's more friendly face; Ronnie Lee Gardner chooses death by firing squad; Translator of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses is under attack; BP's PR disaster; Our Man in South Africa - Hector Vergara; Why are Hollywood films taking over high school math, history, even geography class?; Doctors are urged to get rid of their outdated pagers; Robot fish guides schools of fish from danger; New research to detect lung cancer is underway in Canada and the US; Did Anne of Green Gables have Fetal Alcohoal Syndrome?; Georges Marciano and his Montreal hotel; Fine dining at Vancouver's Cactus Club Cafe; Mark Steyn from Tangiers; In Memoriam - William James John Bleach. Average wear. A sound copy.