Maclean's Magazine, May 19, 1962 - Saga Of The S.S. Tropic See

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Features: The unfolding tragedy of drug-deformed babies - side effects of a new drug called thalidomide are causing tragic deformities in newborn Canadian babies; The Slapstick Saga of the S.S. Tropic Sea - she'd been a virtuous lady on the Great Lakes, but she was a notorious tramp in the Caribbean and sailed into piracy, gunplay and mutiny, or so the rumours went; How the NAACP Plots the Negro Revolution; The only Canadian the Chinese ever heard of - Dr. Norman Bethune is one of China's five national heroes; How John Bassett, businessman, became a celebrity; Ask the name of the lion - part 2 of Ralph Allen's novel of the new Congo; The Bankruptcy Racket - many of Canada's 1,500 bankruptcies a year are deliberate, planned frauds in which everybody is bilked but the bankrupt and his friends; The New Wave in Canadian Music - Ronald Turini, Marek Jablonski, Richard Gresko, Zubin Mehta and Boris Brott. Additional story: Japanese join Canadian whalers off B.C.'s coast. Nice colour Pepsi ad on page 49. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.