Newsweek Magazine, October 22, 1945 *ARMY NURSES HELPED THE BOYS GET HOME*

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Contents: Nice Baldwin Diesel-Electric ad; Color Ford auto ad; Nice color Mallory Hats ad; His half-year honeymoon ends but Truman is still the man to beat; Private William H. Garrett of Waverly, Kentucky says good-bye to his entire family, killed in an accident; Angels in uniform - army and navy nurses; Color Coke ad - refreshment on the Admiralty Isles; Stalin's Holiday adds fresh fuel to rumors of his serious illness; Photos of German war prisoners, male and female, in Italy; The Chunking government and the Chinese Communists make peace - on paper; photo of Hungarian Nazi strung up from a lampost in Budapest; Army proposes, fate disposes and GI's long for boats to the US; GI wives in London protest for transport to the US; Nice color Chevrolet centerfold ad; Playing Barbotte in Canada; Rioting breaks out in Argentina; John L. Lewis reaches for new power through control of shop bosses; Air Forces miracle of help yourself is way back for casualties at home - the Baruch rehabilitation plan; Nice color Schlitz beer ad; Color Studebaker truck ad inside back cover; Average wear. Unmarked. Address label atop front cover. A sound copy.