The Wide World Magazine - August 1950 Vol.105 No.628: The Cleaning-Up of Williamson County, Illinois (Part 4 of 4)

Pages 265-330 plus 22 pages of ads. Features include: The River-Pilot - author piloted a coal barge in the Monongahela River in West Virginia; Seeking the "Ruined City" - Author's trip to a fantastic natural wonder in Australia's Arnhem Land; Old Ned - Story by a Merchan Navy "Sparks"; The Pay-Out - Author became an assistant barman at a little up-country hotel in South Africa; Canadian Police-Dogs - Close-up; Lingeros - South American hoboes; Bush Bandit - An Australian bushman's strange experience; Through Northern India on Horseback - Author needed to get six horses from Simla to Delhi; River Gold - Author's adventure while cruising down British Columbia's mighty Fraser River; Island of Dreams - Puerto Rico; The Cleaning-Up of Williamson County (Part I of 4) - the rise and fall of Charlie Birger in Southern Illinois. Illustrated in black and white. Unmarked with above-average but not excessive wear. Binding intact. A sound vintage copy.