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1 Batten, Jack Canada Moves Westward 1880/ 1890
Toronto, ON, Canada Natural Science of Canada 1977 0919644201 / 9780919644205 First Edition Hardcover Good 
0919644201 ca. 1977. 128 Pages. Abundantly illustrated in colour and black and white. Some scratches on front board and average wear to boards overall. Contents clean and bright. 
Price: 39.95 USD
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2 Batten, Jack Champions - Great Figures in Canadian Sport
Toronto, ON New Press 1971 First Edition Hardcover Good Good 
197 Pages including index. This was the first complete book about Canadian sports. Now a historical reference at thirty years old, readers are sure to be surprised when the turn a page to see a once loved but now forgotten sports hero. It celebrates the achievements of Canada's great athletes and catches the excitement of their triumphs. At the same time it points out the failings, disasters and injustices of sports in this country. Complete with 120 black and white photographs, 20 colour plates, index, and list of winners of the Grey Cup, Brier and the Stanley Cup from their inception. Includes hockey, lacrosse, baseball, auto and motorcycle racing, skiing, golf, table tennis, badminton, tennis, rowing, horse racing, boxing, figure skating, football, curling, swimming, wrestling, track and field, and more. Dust jacket shows wear at edtes and has an assortment of small tears with several small chips missing. Covers have surprisingly little bumping. 
Price: 39.95 USD
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3 Phillips, Alain; Batten, Jack; Frayne, Trent; Weatherseed, Joan; Roche, Douglas J. Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, February (Feb.) 20, 1965 - Bobby Orr Cover Photo
Canada Maclean Hunter 1965 First Edition Paperback Fair 
48 pages. Features: Magnificent colour cover photo of Bobby Orr playing for the Oshawa Generals; Nice colour photo ad for the 1965 Chevelle inside front cover; Why other reds hate B.C.'s "Peking Pirate" John A. Scott; Canadian Club photo ad shows folks playing "crack-the-whip" behind a primitive snowmobile on a frozen Muskoka lake; Our invisible poor - feature article examines the paradox of poverty despite an expanding GNP; Treasures in your attic? - Ask Gerald Stevens; Bobby Orr - Hockey's hottest bet for stardom - article with photos; Everybody's guide to happy oblivion - Sleep; The elegant worlds of Elizabeth Arden - great biography with photos; Nice two-page photo ad for Dofasco features their new HQ building; Allen T. Lambert, president of the TD Bank answers the question "Should banks be allowed to charge more than 6% for loans?"; Cartoonists of Canada - Merle Tingley - short article with small photo and cartoon; Nice Volkswagen ad features the bug, van and station wagon; *Gorgeous* back cover colour photo ad for a black 1965 Buick Wildcat sport coupe; and more. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. Please note center pages 15-34 loose but present. If you wish, we will restaple. At time of listing this copy does not lie flat, but hopefully it will by the time you buy it. :-) A worthy copy of this very special issue. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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4 Purdy, Al; Desbarats, Peter; Salter, Tori; Batten, Jack; Fleck, James; Chazottes, M.L.; Shackleton, Doris F.; Hamilton, Belle Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, January (Jan.) 1971 - The Battle to Keep Vancouver Livable / Bruce Cockburn
Canada Maclean-Hunter 1971 First Edition Paperback Good 
64 pages. Features: CBC The National colour-photo ad features Lloyd Robertson and George Finstad; We Can Keeep Vancouver Livable; Shirley Chan of Strathcona beat back bulldozers and scared City Hall; Gastown developer Larry Killam brought swingers into the slum; SPEC's Robin Harger confronts 'the extinction of the human race'; Mike Harcourt and the law squad; Intermedia's Barry Cramer and media technology; Albert Turnbull, Arthur Erickson, Dr. George Gray, William Graham, and Dr. Walter Harswick draw guidelines to keep Vancouver livable; Nice two-page colour-photo ad for the Lockheed 1011 Tristar; From Bruce Cockburn to Youth - A Very Private Message; How Jasper Park is moving into the 1970s; The Real Poor in Canada and why we don't know who they are; Contest to design trophy for the air race of the century; How Kings County, NS found the cure for despair; How to spot the danger point in drinking; Bilingualism and Biculturalism; Crossword partly completed in light pencil; Great color photo ad for CBC Sports includes group of athletes including Mel Profit of the Argos and boxer Clyde Grey; and more. Average wear. Damage to fore-edge of back cover. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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5 Langdon, Steven; Bulson, Tom; Lemelin, Claude; Whyte, Jon; Hutchison, Bruce; Fotheringham, Allan; Batten, Jack; Stewart, Walter; Breslin, Catherine; McEnaney, Frank; Hofsess, John; Macfarlane, John; Cameron, Donald; Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, July 1971 - Chief Dan George Cover Photo
Toronto Maclean Hunter 1971 First Edition Paperback Fair 
72 pages. Features: John Whyte's Canada; On Open Letter to Pierre Trudeau from Bruce Hutchison; Dan George's Last Stand; Indian Valley Golf and Country Club; Eric Kierans reveals how Pierre Trudeau froze him out; Interesting Canadian demographic facts; The Greening of Erich Segal; Excellent full-page colour photo ad for CBC Radio's "Brott to You" with conductor Boris Brott and model in photo; Nice full-page ad for 590/CKEY News radio in Toronto includes caricatures of their many famous personalities; and more. Above-average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. 
Price: 149.95 USD
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6 Langdon, Steven; Butson, Tom; Lemelin, Claude; Nowlan, Alden; Frum, Barbara; Clarkson, Adrienne; Batten, Jack; Paris, Erna; Anderson, Owen; Barr, John; Newman, Peter C.; Henry, Chief John; Savoie, Renald; Hedley, Tom; Hofsess, John; Macfarlane, John Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, June 1971 - The Class (University) of 1971 - The Class Nobody Wants - Six Valedictorians Speek Out / The Guess Who!
Toronto Maclean Hunter 1971 First Edition Paperback Good 
72 pages. Features: Great Volvo photo ad shows six Volvos stacked on top of another!; Two-page Mutual Life shows photos of dozens of their top sales agents from across Canada; Colour photo Canadian Club ad shows Mr. and Mrs. Tony Parkinson firing darts at elephants in Kenya; Alden Nowlan's Canada; What Went Wrong for the Class of '71? - feature article by Barbara Frum with statements from six university valedictorians from across Canada; Three men from three generations talk to Adrienne Clarkson on love, sex, adultery and what marriage is all about; The Guess Who - Canada's richest and raunchiest rock band - article with large photo of band on stage; The radicalization of Robert Lemieux - lawyer for the FLQ; The West is Ready to Revolt - John Barr and Owen Anderson state their case for separatism; The Table Talk of Marshall McLuhan - article by Peter C. Newman with nice photo of McLuhan; It's No Longer Possible to be an Indian - Chief John Henry describes the impact of white man's ways; Paris Smiles Again; Nice full-page CBC Radio/TV colour photo ad shows a group of famous Canadian athletes wearing their gear - including Mel Profit of the Toronto Argonauts and boxer Clyde Gray; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A sound copy of this great vintage issue. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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7 Newman, Peter C.; Becker, Jane; Ross, Alexander; Stein, David Lewis; Batten, Jack Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, June 6, 1964 - CUSO
Toronto Maclean-Hunter 1964 First Edition Paperback Good 
50 pages. Features: The U.S. and Us - Part 1 of 4; Colour full-page ad for the 1964 Pontiac Parisienne Sprt Coupe; Why One Hustling American Chose Canada - an interview with Ted Emmert of Hawker Siddeley; Report from the Frontiers of Friendship - Clen and Helen Wooldridge, Ray Dunn, Tom Schatzky, Cathy Thompson, Ozzie Schmidt and Anne Jones are members of Canada's "Peace Corps", CUSO; Can the Trains Come Back? - CN is trying to turn its passenger service into the cushiest way to travel since sedan chairs - article with photos; David Lewis Stein describes how he made $14 in the great penny stock book by working at it full time - with great photo of a Toronto broker's office; Country music is sweeping the cities; Nice colour photo Coke ad on back cover shows young couple at picnic table; and more. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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8 Newman, Peter C.; Lemelin, Claude; Posner, Michael; Wilson, J. Tuzo; Paupst, James; Beny, Roloff; McCracken, Melinda; Batten, Jack; Gotlieb, Sondra; et al Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, March (Mar.) 1973 - Murray McLauchlan Cover Photo
Canada Maclean-Hunter 1973 First Edition Paperback Good 
96 pages. Features: Robert Stanfield's Conservaties - a response to Quebec is essential; Manitoba's Schreyer - a little to the right of the left; Fiat car ad; Our silent courtiers - scientists rely upon the hands that feed them; Color photo ad for the 1973 Chevrolet Impala (maroon); Changing mood without drugs; Canadian Club Whisky ad features color photos of rocket pack in use at Cheakamus Canyon in B.C.'s Tantalus Mountains; Pontiac one-page color-photo ad for the blue Parisienne Brougham 4-Door Hardtop; Argument against the Mackenzie Pipeline; Why the Canadian gourmet too often pays first class but eats fourth; The great Canadian lunch counter as a threatened species; A Childhood in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan; A Conversation with Simone De Beauvoir; A Human Alternative to the House - prison design ideas; Nice colour ad for Zenith SuperChromacolor TVs; Colour Chrysler ad features the New Yorker Brougham, Imperial and Newport; Great one-page Chevrolet colour-photo ad features the Senior Motorhome, Mini Motorhome, Junior Motorhome and 3+3 Crewcab with fifth wheel travel trailer; One-page ad for CBC Radio News; One-page ad for CTV's morning show Canada AM; Nice colour ad for the Oldsmobile Cutlass 'S'; Roloff Beny's reflections on a journey home; Murray McLauchlan - Street Singer; Bobby Hull -Being and Selling the World Hockey Association (WHA); and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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9 Blair Fraser; Ian Sclanders; Alan Phillips; Richard J. Needham; Norman Phillips; Dr. Benge Atlee; Jack Batten; Don Newlands; et al Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, November (Nov.) 2, 1964
Toronto Maclean-Hunter 1964 First Edition Paperback Fair 
52 pages. Features: How Canada helped Communist China gain a foothold in Africa; Why New Brunswick's bid for one big maritime province never got off the ground; The Warren Report - new boost for the Kennedy memorabilia industry; Merv McKenzie and the Toronto-based campaign to unseat Cassius Clay; Roy Peterson cartoon of Bob Thompson/Real Caouette (Social Credit); Let's stop kidding ourselves about civil defense; Can Canada win the U.S. Election? - should Canada hope for a win by Goldwater or Johnson?; The Cranky conclusions of un-American Canadian Ian Sclanders; The Egg and Donald Shaver - this iron-willed Canadian peddles millions of chickens in 44 countries - fascinating photo-illustrated article; The Happiest Canadians - Newfoundlanders; Norman Philipps and his life and hard times as a Royal Baby-Sitter; Dr. Benge Atlee - the two things wrong with our schools is what they teach and how they teach it;Comeback of the Six-Day Grind - the six-day bicycle race is making a comeback in Canada (in Montreal) - great article with photos; The vanishing Sons of Freedom (Doukhobors) and the tough reporter, Simma Holt, who's finally told their story; Canadian Club ad features photos of Simon Khoury flying on kite behind boat; and more. Above-average external wear and soiling. Unmarked. Binding intact. A worthy reference copy. 
Price: 129.95 USD
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10 Steed, Nicholas; Camp, Dalton; Fraser, Blair; Batten, Jack; Harris, Marjorie; Richmond, John; Adams, Ian; Frayne, Trent; Spraggett, Allen; Dreskin, Nathan Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, September 1967 - Alan Eagleson Organizes NHL Players' Union
Toronto Maclean-Hunter 1967 First Edition Paperback Good 
92 pages. Features: Torado Iwasaki was cheated out of his 640 acres on Salt Spring Island; Ernest Manning's offer to merge the Alberta Social Credit Party with the federal Conservatives; Egyptian travel posters in West Germany include swastika; How We've Come to Love the Car - a 10-page exploration of this surprising cultural shift - Peterborough's Superblock and architect Gerald Robindon, Monteal's new Place Bonaventure-Canada Trade Centre (cutaway view) - with photos and brief write-ups of the following people and their vehicles - Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins, Al Hamel, Dr. Morton Shulman, Harley Neilson (of the chocolate business), Dorothee Hebert and Kenneth Jarvis; Does Canada Need the Tories?; Wonderful photographic celebration of Orillia, Ontario's Centennial - with text by Jack Batten; Expose '67 - the unpredictable other half of Expo '67; Alan Eagleson and the formation of the NHL players' union (NHLPA) - article with great full-page photo of Eagleson with Carl Brewer - who later became an implacable opponent of Eagleson and his misdeeds - amazing NHL history, some of it from the dark side; Spiritualist James Wilkie of Vancouver - is his body taken over by timeless spirit Rama?; Lotta Hitschmanova helps the starving, sick and homeless in foreign lands - article with photo; Nice colour photo ad for Hollandia pipe tobacco; Colour photo centrefold ad for Eskilon winterwear; Nice full-page colour photo ad for Ski-doo; The Investigation Service of the Post Office Department - the secret watchers who guard your mail; Fantastic two-page colour photo ad for CBC-TV with photos of 17 of their shows/personalities; Photo ad for GM's short-lived Epic car; and more. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 349.95 USD
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11 Gzowski, Peter; Mayer, Ian; Batten, Jack; Belanger, John; Stephenson, Bill; Meyer, Helen; Nicol, Eric; Grant, Maggie The Canadian/Star Weekly Magazine, 29 January - 5 February 1966: Russia Vs. Canada in Hockey / Harry Saltzman Got the James Bond Boom Going
Toronto Southstar Publishers 1966 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
26 pages. Features: Fantastic Russia vs. Canada hockey photo; Feature Article by Peter Gzowski - The Russians May be as Good as the NHL's Worst - with six sensational colour photos; The Wily Ways of Georges Lemay - he escaped from Dade County Jail; The Flick That Out-Bonds James - The 10th Victim - article with magnificent colour photos of Ursulla Andress, Marcello Mastroianni and Elsa Martinelli; Harry Saltzman - The Canadian Who Got the James Bond Boom Going - article with great full-page photo of Pussy Galore sitting on his lap; Women Can't Cook - Especially in February; The Quo Vadis School of Nursing - photos and article about this Toronto school which teaches women between the ages of 30 and 50; Motorcycle colour fashion photo feature; and more. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A quality vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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12 Camp, Dalton; Carson, Susan; McLean, Stuart; McRrae, Earl; Batten, Jack Today Magazine, 1 November 1980 - Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins
Toronto Today Magazine Inc. 1980 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
24 pages. Features: Dalton Camp; A Mother at 15 - Childbirths are on the rise among younger girls; Cathy Wilson and Martin and Downs Circus - Canada's last remaining 'Mud Show' visits Nipawin, Saskatchewan - article with great colour photos; The Last Romp - Ronnie Hawkins at 45; Table Tennis Miracle Spin - Tricks of the Trade #3 - Errol Caetano makes the ball move in mysterious ways; and more. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A high-quality copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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13 Lawrenson, Helen; Gross, Colleen; Charney, Ann; Abley, Mark; Batten, Jack; Oliver, Margo Weekend Magazine, September 1, 1979 (Canadian Newspaper Supplement) - Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Maiden
Canada The Whig-Standard 1979 First Edition Paperback Good 
20 pages. Features: Great tabloid-style Maggie Thatcher front cover; Canadians dubious about the 4-day week; Daughter of the Empire - Margaret Thatcher - article with colour caricature illustration; A day in the life of John Kenneth Galbraith - article with colour photo; CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) president Jean-Claude Parrot - article with colour photo; New kid on the tennis court - John McEnroe - article and colour photo; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 149.95 USD
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