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Lefolii, Ken; Allen, Ralph; Brosnan, Jim; Tyrwhitt, Janice; Stein, David Lewis; Anglin, Gerald; Sclanders, Ian; Porter, McKenzie Listings

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1 Lefolii, Ken; Allen, Ralph; Brosnan, Jim; Tyrwhitt, Janice; Stein, David Lewis; Anglin, Gerald; Sclanders, Ian; Porter, McKenzie Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, February 9, 1963 - The "Hairy" Chicago Blackhawks
Toronto Maclean-Hunter 1963 First Edition Paperback Good 
48 pages. Features: Nice full-page colour ad for the 1963 Pontiac, featuring the Parisienne Sport Coupe; The Big Heat on the CBC - competition for ads, lukewarm government support, overmanagement, etc; Jimmy Brosnan' account of what happened when he got together with the Chicago Blackhawks - with photo of Brosnan in Chicago dressing room with muscular Bobby Hull and smoking Stan Mikita; New Ways to Stop Youngsters from Quitting School; An interesting article by David Lewis Stein on rumours and how they spread; Early Canadiana (antiques)- how to look for the real thing at a fair price - before it's all gone; The Ambassador's Lean, Hungry Sons - Part III of the Kennedy Dynasty - with nice photos of Joe Sr., Joe Jr. and JFK; Arthur Stringer - His Purple Prose and Purple Life; Nice colour photo Coke ad on back cover features young couple relaxing after a wedding. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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2 Allen, Ralph; Baird, Vaughan L.; Hedlin, Ralph; Moon, Barbara; Sclanders, Ian; Newlands, Don; Gzowksi, Peter; MacDermot, Anne; Porter, McKenzie; Johnstone, Ken; Gordon, Donald Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, June 17, 1961 - Artist David Milne
Canada Maclean Hunter 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
64 pages. Features: Great colour ad for the International Harvester compact pickup truck inside front cover; Nostalgic colour photo ad for Samsonite luggage featuring a 1950s auto; Full-page ad for the Bolex, the world's most precise 8-mm camera; Nice Chrysler ad; Great full-page colour photo ad for Pepsi features young lady leaning on the car door of a young man; Is Africa the Graveyard of the UN?; The kidnapping of Winnipeg Lawyer Vaughan Baird - in his own words; Genius in Hiding - Artist David Milne - article with photos and colour reproductions of two of the artist's paintings; What peacetime conscription is doing to the U.S.; A new kind of camera photographs the horseback view of a jockey - article with photos; Foster families teach sanity to the mentally ill; McKenzie Porter on Travel Agents; Return to Berlin - Ken and Elizabeth Johnstone escaped one jump of the Gestapo - now they return for another look - article with photos; Two-page colour photo ad for Ford of Canadashows their 1961 Ford Falcon Four-Door Sedan; Quebec bobby-soxers' home-grown idol, crooner Michel Louvain - photos and article; Nice colour ad for the Chevy Corvair Monzas - two- and four-door; Great colour full-page ad for the 1961 Pontiac Parisienne convertible; Short article on Avian Aircraft, Ltd. - former Avro Aero workers are now designing the Avian 2 / 180, the latest prototype of their 'car-plane'; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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3 Allen, Ralph; Mair, Shirley; Richler, Mordecai; Krantz, Judith; gardner, Ray; Stollery, Peter; Heine, William C. Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, May 20, 1961 - The Apprenticeship of Mordecai Richler / Aksel Schiotz / African Diary
Montreal Maclean Hunter 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
72 pages. Features: Colour black label beer inside front cover; Very nice one-page colour-photo ad for the 1961 Buick Electra 225 Convertible (black) at the Thornwood train station; Nice one-page colour-photo Pepsi ad shows couple with baseball and bat; First part of series by Ralph Allen features Sir Sam Hughes, who through together a citizens' army in months during WWI - with photos; Enter the Platypus - on Aching Feet - new 'Platypus Point' shoes will reduce the amount of deformation caused to women's feet by needle-point shoes; The Apprenticeship of Mordecai Richler - the story of his fascinating career-to-date; How tenor Aksel Schiotz recovered from a tumor on his acoustic nerve to sing again; A 14-week record of time spent in the Dale Carnegie Course; Part III of Peter Stollery's African Adventure Diary - with photos; Nice one-page photo-illustrated Chrysler car ad; Vintage Bell Telephone colour-photo one-page ad extolls the benefits of multiple phones in a house to 'save a thousand steps a day'; Nice colour-photo one-page BOAC ad features Thai priest in orange robe holding caged bird; Nice colour one-page Chevrolet ad featuures white 4-door Impala hardtop; Colour-photo FTD flowers ad on back cover; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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4 Malone, Col. Dick; Bauer, W.W.; Fraser, Blair; Holliday, Kate; Blakeslee, Howard W.; Mignon, Ulric; Alexander, R.K.; Baxter, Beverley; Rennie, Jim; Inglis, Peter; Allen, Ralph; Brookes, Lt. Cmdr. A.G.; Mergendahl, Charles; et al Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, September 15, 1946
Canada Maclean Hunter / Key Publishers 1946 First Edition Paperback Fair 
76 pages. Features: Politics in Khaki - The Inside of the Canadian Army High Command - McNaughton and Crerar stepped on Monty's toes - here's the record, revealed for the first time; Childhood's No. 1 Enemy - rheumatic fever; Battle of the Peacemakers - meeting at Paris; Witch of Endor - fiction; Kate Holliday gets a Hollywood makeup makeover; It rained poison after Bikini Islands' fifth atom bomb test - with photo; Hard rock miners; Honor of the Company - fiction; Flivvers in the Sky - fly your own plane; The Good Catch - fiction; Golfing Cop - Henry Martell - article with photo; Hell's Gate is open - upgrades allow Fraser River salmon to get further upstream - article with three photos; Nice ad for Waterman's pens with cheerleader theme; Fantastic full-page colour photo ad for Good Year tires features Mountie helping young lady in mountain valley; Superb Caterpillar bulldozer ad - "Boss of the Bulldozers"; Nice Fleet Aircraft ad; Nice colour photo Studebaker ad inside back cover; Fantastic painted Coke ad on back cover features partying group of young people at table; and more. Above-average wear. Covers present but detached. A worthy vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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5 Newman, Peter C.; Porter, McKEnzie; Richler, Mordecai; Allen, Ralph; Sangster, Dorothy; Robertson, Terence Maclean's Magazine, July 1, 1961 - JFK Cover Photo / George Cook Defused Bombs in WWII
Canada Maclean's Magazine 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
Features: Presidential Party - Great colour photos of JFK's visit to Canada; James Coyne and the great debate - is Canada possible - the embattled governor of the Bank of Canada; What the music monopoly does to - and sometimes for - young Canadians - two New York management agencies have most of the say about which Canadian musicians are going to make it on the concert circuit, and what kind of music Canadian concertgoers are going to hear - a report on how Americans won a near monopoly of our concert platforms; The man who got everytthing by sending away for it - an article by Mordecai Richler; Why both sides will lose the white/black struggle for Africa; How Intelligence tests score today - the strengths and weaknesses of IQ tests; Ten hours alone with a time bomb - when Canadian George Cook volunteered for wartime special duty, he became a one-man suicide squad - good photos accompany article; Women are cowards about clothes - a fashion expert, Jane Harris, speaks out; Joan Allen and a Gentile Girl's life in Israel - she learned that Jews and Israelis are not the same people. Rev. Ray Goodall says - Let's disqualify adultery as grounds for divorce; Nice colour Pepsi ad on page 5. Colourful Labatt's 50 Ale ad on page 39. Colour Coke ad on back cover. Four inch by one inch chip from bottom corner of front cover else average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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6 Allen, Ralph Maclean's Magazine, July 5, 1958
Canada Maclean Hunter 1958 First Edition Paperback Fair 
Front cover missing. Centrefold loose but present. Articles include: The Pipeline Uproar; Holiday week end in Vancouver; The Biggest Country Club in Canada; The Man Who Stayed Invisible for 13 Years; How to Get the Most out of Summer; Johny Longden Tells His Own Story - Part IV; Why I Hate Doctors by Hugh Garner. Average wear. Unmarked. Nice full-page colour ads for BA Gas, Coke, Caterpillar, Kodak, Labatt's Pilsener, Confederation Life. Average wear. (Please inquire about a copy complete with front cover which may be available for a higher price) 
Price: 99.95 USD
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7 Allen, Ralph Maclean's Magazine, March 17, 1956
Canada Maclean Hunter 1956 First Edition Paperback Fair 
84 pages. Articles: Is the Western Alliance Breaking Up?; The Fastest-Growing City in the World - Toronto!; The Man with the $100,000 Voice - Joel Aldred; Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers the Unknown Country - Part 8; What you don't know about Sleep; Has France Learned to Drink Safely?; The Tug That Never Gave Up - The Sudbury; Watch out girls, I'm Dangerous! Nice full-page 2 colour ad for Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel. Average wear. Front cover present but detached. Page 43/44 missing. Page 55 loose but present. Back cover detached but present. Please inquire if you prefer a better copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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8 Hutchison, Bruce; Stollery, Peter; Mitchell, W.O.; Allen, Ralph; MacDermot, Anne; Moore, Jacqueline; Ouvrard, Jacques; Allen Ralph Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, 3 June 1961
Toronto Maclean Hunter 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
68 pages. Features: Jack Shadbolt cover art; Old Vienna beer ad inside front cover; Piece by Grace Lane about the victories of the church; BA ad features statement and photo of its President, E.D. Loughney; Nice full-page colour ad for the 1961 Oldsmobile Dramatic 98 convertible coupe; When a Retarded Child is Born; Burglary by License - the work of commercial bailiffs; The Great Columbia River Foul-Up - B.C. vetoes deal between Canada and the U.S. to harness this mighty river; Outcast in the Horn of Africa - the fourth and final part of Peter Stollery's African diary; The shocking truth about the undefended border (humour); The Misfortunes of War - extract from Ralph Allen's new book "Ordeal by Fire"; Summer Attractions in Montreal; Dan Petrie and the "underground railway" from Canada to Broadway; Fantastic Labatt's 50 Ale ad with water-skiing theme; Photos of Mutual Life of Canada's top selling agents; Colour photo ad for Viyella shirts; The Metis Today - a cruel price for mixed blood - article and photos describe their poverty; Ralph Allen criticizes the government of South Africa, with focus on Sir de Villiers Graaff and Prime Minister Verwoerd; Profile of Omri J. Silverthorne, chairman of the Ontario Board of Censors of Motion Pictures. Average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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9 Stein, David Lewis; MacLennan, Hugh; Allen, Ralph; Katz, Sidney; Moon, Barbara; Robert, Marika; Garner, Hugh; Cameron, Colin Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, July 29, 1961 - ESP and Canadians / Vimy and Passchendaele - Canada's Bravest and Blackest Hours
Montreal Maclean-Hunter 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
50 pages. Features: Colour Labatt's 50 Ale ad inside front cover features two couples frolicking in water at beach; Will Success Spoil Henry Makow, boy columnist?; One-page GM of Canada ad features photo of fly fisherman at work; The New Party Will Die if it's a mere Liberal Splinter - the past and present of the CCF; The Slow Comeback of Canada's Communists - Tim Buck (photo) will soon step down as its leader and his successor will inherit an organization that almost destroyed itself four years ago but is now unified, active, and anxious to rebuild its political influence; The Ottawa River - article with illustration by Jacques De Tonnancour; Vimy and Passchendaele - Canada's Bravest and Blackest Hour; First Report on Extrasenory Powers (ESP) Among Canadians - photo-illustrated article which explores the research of Dr. J.B. Rhine at his Duke University parapsychology laboratory; Photos and write-ups of Canadians who may have ESP - Mrs. Raymond Forgie of Toronto, CBC Announcer Rex Loring, Mrs. P.P. Wade of Keswick, Helen Brens of Montreal, Patricia Young of VancouverMrs. Evelyn Cox of Vancouver, John Hamilton of Victoria, and Mrs. Paul reading of Thornhill; Includes unique tear-out ESP self-test mailer; Can Everybody Be Beautiful? - Paul Pogue runs a chain of beauty parlors; The High and Low of a Present-Day Tramp - article with sombre photos of Walter Haslam and Patrick Rhody in the CNR's Mimico railyards; Nice colour-photo Sunoco ad features ladies with white convertible gassing up while uniformed attendant cleans their windshield; Vintage one-page two-colour Kentucky Fried Chicken ad lists the names, owners and locations of their 42 Canadian franchises, with $1 coupon for a family bucket; How to Make a Million in the Charity Game - Harold George Martin; The Field of Atomic Power - two experts meet; Walt Disney's first Canadian movie, "Nikki, Dog of the North"; George Knudson's Aggressive Golf Game; Coke ad on back cover features bottle and glass in blowing snow; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A worthy vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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10 Ross, Alexander; Fraser, Blair; Newman, Peter C.; Stein, David Lewis; Sclanders, Ian; Bruce, Harry; Pearson, Lester B.; Gzowski, Peter; Allen, Ralph; Hutton, Eric; Godin, Gerald; Mitchell, W.O.; Fulford, Robert; Michener, Wendy; Due, John Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, May 2, 1964 - K.C. Irving (Part 2)
Toronto Maclean-Hunter Limited 1964 First Edition Paperback Good 
48 pages. Features: The Bumper Crop that's changing life in the dust bowl; How Rene Levesque May Soon Make Jean Lesage His Puppet; M.P. Ralph Cowan Hates the CBC; Lester Pearson Proposes a New Kind of Peace Force; Native Canadian Kahn-Tineta Horn - Portrait of a Beautiful Segregationist; K.C. Irving - The Last of a Breed of Kings (Part 2) - article with photo; Handsome Young Playboy Peter Lerch - article with photos; The Public Nightmare of Professor Roland Haumont - accused of the murder of his wife and children; Writing by W.O. Mitchell; The French Fact You Can't Explore in English Canada; Canadian Taxes are Not Too High. Average wear. Unmarked. Binding sound. A quality vintage copy. 
Price: 349.95 USD
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