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O'Rourke, Frank; Weidman, Jerome; Kersh, Gerald; Schweitzer, Gertrude; Ross, Robert M.; Hotchner, A.E.; Velie, Lester; Morgan, Edward P.; McCracken, Lawrence; Phillips, Robert Becker Jr.; Shane, Ted; Schendel, Gordon; Connolly, Vera; Ybarra, T.R. Listings

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1 O'Rourke, Frank; Weidman, Jerome; Kersh, Gerald; Schweitzer, Gertrude; Ross, Robert M.; Hotchner, A.E.; Velie, Lester; Morgan, Edward P.; McCracken, Lawrence; Phillips, Robert Becker Jr.; Shane, Ted; Schendel, Gordon; Connolly, Vera; Ybarra, T.R. Collier's Magazine, October 19, 1946 - Our Occupation Forces in Germany / Reducing Auto Casualties in Detroit
USA The Crowell-Collier Publishing Company 1946 First Edition Paperback Fair 
114 pages. Articles: Rampageous Reuther - an intimate appraisal of the United Auto Workers' (UAW) Walter Reuther; Heels Among the Heroes - there are too many Peck's bad boys in our occupation forces - article with nice photos of Americans serving in Germany; Stop, Look and Live! - Detroit's successful campaign to reduce auto casualties; Lady Killers - Lady Roller Derby participants - article with great color photos of Gerry Murray, Evalyn Karran and others; Circus Opera - Elephants trumpet and horses galumph when Salmaggi stages Aida; Lethal Lullaby - facts to know if you take sleeping pills; Big Tin God - the saga of Simon Patino of Bolivia and his vast Gold and Tin mining empire; Interesting back page editorial on Britain's Palestine problem. Fiction: The Hard Way Home; A Sense of Echelon; Clock Without Hands; What a Man Wants; Love is Kind of Fragile; Trouble on the Autobahn. Ads include: Studebaker trucks; Listerine; Ethyl; Shell agricultural research; Admiral phonographs; Philco phonographs - with Bing Crosby photo; Life Savers; Buick (nice 2-page photo Ford cars; Anso film; Camel cigarettes with photo of hospital intern and caption "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette; Gillette razor ad features caricature of footbal player Steve Van-Buren ad); Rare full-page color ad for Wurlitzer Juke Boxes; GE light bulbs - with photo of George Burns and Gracie Allen; Clicquot Club sparkling water; Good Year (color centerfold); Garod radios; Mission Orange beverage; Carole Landis is featured for Dupont; Spertt Portable Sunlamps - with color photos; Dodge cars; Schlitz beer; "The Best Years of Our Lives" movie starring Fredric March and Myrna Loy; RCA Victor phonographs; Oregon tourism - with photos; Lucky Strike cigarette ad on back cover shows farmer holding huge golden leaf. Somewhat above-average external wear. Cover pulling from one staple. A worthy vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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2 Phillips, M.A. Current Affairs for the Canadian Forces - Soviet Politics - Volume 3 - Number 6, 15 September 1952
Ottawa Bureau of Current Affairs, Department of National Defence 1952 First Edition Paperback Very Good 
26 pages. Describes the constitution and political structure of the USSR and to show in what respects the Russian system differs from that of the Western democracies. Includes notes for discussion leaders. Clean and unmarked with light wear. Nice copy. 
Price: 39.95 USD
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3 Manning, Herbert; Callwood, J.; Frayne, T.; DePoe, Norman; Dacre, Douglas; Porter, M.; Phillips, A.; Dunwoody, Derm; Keasler, John I.; Et al Maclean's - Canada's National Magazine, October (Oct) 1, 1955 - Crackdown on Montreal Vice / Connaught Laboratories History
Montreal Maclean Hunter 1955 First Edition Paperback Good 
100 pages. Features: Cover illustration of St. Joseph's Convent on Toronto's Bay Street, with nuns raking fall leaves; The dream of Rt. Hon. L.S. Amery - his son Julian became an M.P. but son John was hanged for wartime pro-Nazi broadcasts; Nice two-page colour-photo ad for General Motors trucks presents a blue pickup and a red 2-ton stake truck; Vintage one-page photo ad for the Toro "Power Handle which allowed one motor to power numerous yard care attachments; What Virtue Has Done to Montreal - excellent photo-illustrated article discusses how the girls are being chased out of town and the bars being forced to close on time - with photos of Frank Pretula, Louis Greco, Pierre DesMarais, Jean Drapeau, Pax Plante, Armand Courval, and members of the morality squad; The Miracle that began in a Stable - Dr. J.G. Fitzgerald and the history of his Connaught Laboratories which makes vaccines - photo-illustrated article; How to Handle Women; Photo-illustrated article on the unlikeliest couple in show business - George Murray and Shirley Harmer; Will a Machine Ever Take Your Job? - Article on what automation will mean to Canada; The Great Chinese Food Hoax - colour-photo-illustrated article on how Canada's Cantonese cooks are now being recognized for their delicious Chinese dishes, rather than the Canadian food they had been preparing in their cafes; The Great Carlak's Bitter Magic (short story); Life on the Gulf Islands - great photo-illustrated article on the 4,000 Canadians enjoying the dream of living on an island in the Pacific - with photos of Margaret Robinson, George Copeland, Bob Holloman, Derril Georgeson, Winnie Lautmann, Norm Preston, and Mr. and Mrs. A. King; Who Was the Mad Trapper of Rat River? - Illustrated article on Albert Johnson who shot others before being killed by a posse; How I Made my Killing in the Market - all you need is a few bucks and some 'inside dope'; One-page National Cash Register (NCR) colour ad features lovely redhead; Color ad features the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Washington, D.C.; Haig & Haig whisky ad features nice colour photo of Eilean Donan Castle; Sisman Tredders shoe ad features photo and endorsement by Lloyd Percival; Nice one-page colour Sylvania TV ad; Half-page Homelite ad shows large tree being brought down; Unusual one-page colour ad for Canada Savings Bonds (CSB) illustrates how to read a tea cup; Quarter-page Moosehead Pale Ale ad features illustration of moose looking at portaging canoeist; Great one-page illustrated Dunlop Tires ad features photo of hero Mr. Martin Binkle of Kitchener, a driver for the Cope Transport Company who rescued children from a blazing farmhouse on highway 6 near Rockton; Labatt's IPA ale ad features photo of Wexford, Ontario labourer Frederick Gilbert; Nice one-page two-colour ad for 1955 GMC trucks hilights their all-new V8 engines; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy of this wonderful issue. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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4 Allen, T.J.; MacLennan, Hugh; Lower, A.R.M.; Gilmour, Clyde; Levy, Lillian; Dunwoody, Derm; Phillips, Alan Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, December (Dec.) 14, 1964 - Walter Homburger / The Christmas When Canadians Drove Into Ortona
Montreal Maclean-Hunter 1964 First Edition Paperback Good 
66 pages. Features: Cover photo of lady curler; Carling Black Label ad inside front cover claims it is Canada's best-selling (international) beer and shows ship exporting it to the world; Stephen Lewis - boy socialist of the NDP who's giving the old-line parties lessons in winning elections - article with caricature; How Computers May Catch Bad Drivers Before They Smash Up; Since When Did the Truth Become More Dangerous Than Danger Itself? (Editorial); Will Wawa's gun-totin' Christians fight for peace in Tanganyika? - Leigh Coop and Canadian Lay Missioners; Vintage one-page colour ad for the 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible (blue) entitled "Economy Car of GT Racer?"; One-page colour ad for the 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible (light blue); Kodak camera colour ad; Glorious one-page colour-photo ad for the 1965 Ford Lincoln Continental shows lady with grey car picking up her mail at end of her private road; Nice one-page colour-photo ad for Sheaffer pens; Today's Religion - article with photos of Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg, Father Frank Stone and Dr. Ernest Marshall Howse; The Guns of Christmas - a story of two thousand Canadian soldiers and the most gory and gaudy Christmas week of their lives as they fought, hand-to-hand, it Ortona, Italy during WWII; Two Solitudes Revisited; Would Canada Be Better Off Without Quebec?; Walter Homburger - the modest merchant of music - article with nice one-page photo; Push a Button, Housework's Done!; Curling article with input from Lyall Dagg; Report from Utopia - Alan Phillips sizes up havens to escape to; One-page ad by the "Ontario Government Trade Crusade" encourages readers to buy Canadian-made toys; Publisher Gray Campbell of Sidney, B.C. - article with photo; Toronto entertainer Randy Martin's latest gimmick - a two-man standup comedy team in living black and white; "We're Wasting Our Money Trying to 'Help' Canada's Delinquent Teenagers"; Back cover colour-photo Coke ad features basket of beagle puppies; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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5 Porter, M.; Hutton, E.; Berton, P.; Shapiro, L.; Allen, R.T.; Phillips, A.; Steiner, Paul; Dacre, Douglas; Zacks, Robert; et al Maclean's, Canada's National Magazine, May 1, 1953 - Is Glucosamine the Key to Cancer? / Malenkov / Cyrus Eaton
Montreal Maclean Hunter 1953 First Edition Paperback Good 
80 pages. Features: Nice Rex Woods cover art shows fashionable lady motorist emptying her purse into hands of scowling motorcycle cop as she searches for her driver's license; Colour ad for International Harvester freezers inside front cover; The Lash is the Only Answer; Nice one-page colour ad for 1953 De Soto cars (car shown is dark blue four-door with lots of chrome); Cyrus Eaton - The Boy Who Listened to Rockefeller - great photo-illustrated article on this prominent Canadian industrialist; The Most Promising Key to Cancer - Glucosamine - article with photos of scientists J.H. Quastel and Antonio Cantero in Montreal laboratory; The First Taste of Queenship - Colour-photo-illustrated article on Elizabeth's visit to Canada with Philip - part 4 of 7; Malenkov - The Machine-Man whom nobody knows; Antoinette Concello - The Girl on the Flying Trapeze - photo-illustrated article; Take Care of Uncle Harry (short story; Shakespeare Gets a New Home Town - photo-illustrated article on Stratford, Ontario; The Duck They Drool About - Stephen Morson and his Brome Lake duck, of Knowlton, Quebec - photo-illustrated article; One-page colour ad for Ford cars features the Crestline convertible, customline fordor sedan, and Mainline tudor sedan; One-page photo-illustrated recruiting ad for R.C.A.F. seeks female recruits; One-page colour Oldsmobile ad features a Super '88' 4-door sedan; Fantastic colour-photo centrefold ad for GE Roto-Cold refrigerators features housewife in kitchen; One-page Massey-Harris ad explains how they use atomic energy to test iron castings; Nice colour one-page 1953 Mercury car ad; Fantastic colour REO truck ad features glass tanker with mermaids inside!; O'Keefe's Brewing ad features colour Karsh illustration of Queen Elizabeth; Nice one-page GMC Truck ad; Gar Wood Heating ad features photo of the home of Mr. H.R. McLean of Brandon, Manitoba; Wonderful colour back cover ad for Snyder's fine modern furniture features orange multi-piece seating set; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. Notch nibbled in fore-edge. A worthy copy of this great vintage issue. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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6 Phillips, W.J.; Taylor, Harry; Keefer, Claire; McKelvie, Bruce; Lower, A.R.M.; Morrison, Fred; Blair, Don; Stubbs, Roy; Graysen, Z.; Stobie, M.; Bald, F. The Beaver, Magazine of the North, Autumn 1955, Outfit 286 - Discovery of Grand Falls / The Countess of Dufferin
Canada Hudson's Bay Company 1955 First Edition Paperback Good 
58 pages. Many reproductions of black and white photos. Printed upon glossy stock. Features: Glamorous colour photo of woman wearing arctic fox evening cloak inside front cover; The Mad Giant and the Mountie - a huge Swede who worked on a section gang makes a sudden divorce from sanity; Frank Oliver - Spokesman for the West; Cold War on the Fraser River - the Yucultas near Fort Langley were dreaded by all the tribes along the river - until the day when the cold war became a hot war; The Simple Men; First Lady of the Rails - "The Countess of Dufferin"; On Board the M.V. Fort Hearne - great photo study; Robert (Bob) Chambers Edwards (Eye-Opener Bob); Trapping the Big Horn - there was lots of action when some California Bighorn sheep were corralled in the Chilcotin country for shipment to Oregon; The Formative Years - II - part 2 of an article on the early settlement of the area which, 50 years ago, became Saskatchewan and Alberta; The Story of The Sault - on the centenary of the first American locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Dr. Clever Bald sketches the history of the two towns - Canadian and American - beside the rapids; Nice colour ad for Hudson's Bay Point Blankets on back cover. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 129.95 USD
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7 Brennan Jr., William J.; Crankshaw, E.; Huxtable, A.L.; Schmidt, D.A.; Barnes, C.; Hunt, R.P.; Phillips, Cabell; Heard, Alexander; Vittachi, Tarzie; Ewen, Edward T.; Leedham, C.; Bracker, M.; Hughes, A. The New York Times Magazine, October (Oct.) 6, 1963 - Charles De Gaulle Cover Photo
New York The New York Times 1963 First Edition Paperback Good 
140 pages. Features: Many wonderful fashion ads for men and women; Inside View of the High Court; Russia's Tussle Between Capitalism and Communism; World's Fair Preview - four pages of photos; The "Al Baath' Party Challenges Nasser and has become a serious contender for leadership of the Arab World; Should There Be 'Compensation' for Negroes? - should they receive more than equal treatment in jobs, housing and the like to make up for his years of deprivation?; Britain's New Rougher, Tougher and Angrier Actors - article with photos of Kenneth Haigh, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole, Tom Courtenay and Albert Finney; Proposed nuclear power plant for Ravenswood in Queens stirs controversy; At 75, Henry Wallace Cultivatest His Garden; One-page ad for Mahalia Jackson on Columbia Records; A New Approach to Campaign Finances; "Asian " English; Stainless Stell Shaving Blades Have Revolutionized Shaving; Joanne Woodward is featured on color-photo ad for Richelieu simulated pearls; VSTOL (Vee-Stol) Airplanes of the Future; An Audubon Treasury; Handsome two-page ad for P&O Orient features one-page photo of the vessel Oriana; Photos entitled "Freud, Electronics - Dance"; Holland House Cocktail Mix features photo of Albert Rusk, Bob Steer, Mary Clark, Joan Everett, Wilbur Brown, Sampson Everett, Nicki Steer and Selma Brown; One-page color photo ad for the Israeli Tourism Office features Tel Aviv traffic cop and her boss, Naomi Shadmi; Extravagent evening fashion photos; Rob Roy Shirts ad; An Approach to the Severely Disturbed Child; Mrs. Paul's fish sticks; Houston, TX home designed by P.M. Bolton Associates; Photos of a young lion. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy 
Price: 199.95 USD
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