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Seitz, E.A.; Janczarek, Ted; Lert, Peter; Boynton, John H.; Lert, Peter; Quinn, D.C.; Horn, Colonel Ron; Dillon, Mike; Lemen, W.T.; Sharp, Colonel John F.; Brabham, Lowery L.; Taylor, Lt. Col. John H.; Thomas, Arthur J. Listings

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1 Seitz, E.A.; Janczarek, Ted; Lert, Peter; Boynton, John H.; Lert, Peter; Quinn, D.C.; Horn, Colonel Ron; Dillon, Mike; Lemen, W.T.; Sharp, Colonel John F.; Brabham, Lowery L.; Taylor, Lt. Col. John H.; Thomas, Arthur J. Air Progress - Pilot Reports Magazine, 1979 (02382)
USA Challenge 1979 First Edition Paperback Good 
100 pages. Features: Flying the Winged Missile - the Starfighter; The B-25 Mitchell medium bomber; Burt Rutan's Quickie; BD-5 - Another View; Christen's Elegant Eagle; Confessions of a PBM Pilot; Dog Sabre - North America's all-weather version of their famous Sabre jet was a real handful for its pilot; Gordon Plaskett's TF-51D; Mustang Versus Bearcat - can a P-51 outfight an F8F?; The Beech Staggerwing; The McDonnell-Douglas DC-10; Flying the Twin MustangThe XR-12; The Northrop F5-E; The CG-4 combat glider. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy. 
Price: 79.95 USD
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2 Taylor, J. A. Biogeography
Totowa, NJ, USA Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 1984 0389205079 / 9780389205074 Reprint Hardcover Very Good Very Good 
0389205079 404 pages including glossary and subject index. A collection of essays which illustrate the current complimentary nature of biological and geographical styles of biogeography which if combined could lead to the final maturing acceptance of the subject as a separate science. Contributors discuss topics including biogeography and the ecosystems, bioclimates and vegetation analysis, pinpointing their current stages of development and future integrative role in the solution of both pure and applied social and environmental problems. Remainder mark on bottom edge. 
Price: 49.95 USD
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3 Frame, M.; Mayer, A.; West, V.; Russell, M.; Rogovin, J.; Kaestner, T.; Taylor, N.; Et al Handwoven (Hand Woven) Magazine, May / June 2004 - Special Travel Issue / Edward M. Franquemont (#120)
USA Interweave Press 2004 First Edition Paperback Good 
96 pages. Features: A Tribute to Edward M. Franquemont; Travel tips from Anita; From Virginia's travel journals; A linen carrier for home and abroad; Shadow-weave scarf and shawl; A versatile blouse and vest;; Loita hills blanket with thanks to the Maasai; Southwest settings for placemats and napkins; Travel journal cover in Ikat inspired by weaving in Borneo; Bye bye blackbird - a boundweave wall hanging; Have loom will travel; A portable design portfolio; Special travel section; and more. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound copy. 
Price: 49.95 USD
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4 Smith, C.J.; Sparks, M.; Smith, F.H. Jr.; Griffith, S.B.; Ogorkiewicz, R.M.; Pickett, R.L.; Andrews M.; Nelson, H.A.; Taylor, M.L. Marine Corps Gazette - Professional Magazine for United States Marines, April (Apr.) 1961, Number 4, Volume 45 - Red China's Military Revolution / A Military Briefing on Laos
USA Marine Corps Association 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
72 pages. Features: Marines at Work - 4th MEB; Sikorsky ad for the S-58; SEATO and the Red China Threat; Red China's Military Revolution - major photo-illustrated article; Unlimited War - a Non-Nuclear Strategy - are tactical nukes practical or not?; A Military Briefing on Laos; Some Chinese Thoughts on War; Unexploited Concepts - submersible tanks and sub tank carriers; Recon For Regiments; The Last Confederate; Bigger Payloads for the HUS; Marine Corps Reserve; Misdirectives - why not issue 4-S orders?; Baseplate McGurk; Transfers and Promotions; Ad for the Kaman Huskie helicopter on back cover; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 129.95 USD
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5 Phillips, W.J.; Taylor, Harry; Keefer, Claire; McKelvie, Bruce; Lower, A.R.M.; Morrison, Fred; Blair, Don; Stubbs, Roy; Graysen, Z.; Stobie, M.; Bald, F. The Beaver, Magazine of the North, Autumn 1955, Outfit 286 - Discovery of Grand Falls / The Countess of Dufferin
Canada Hudson's Bay Company 1955 First Edition Paperback Good 
58 pages. Many reproductions of black and white photos. Printed upon glossy stock. Features: Glamorous colour photo of woman wearing arctic fox evening cloak inside front cover; The Mad Giant and the Mountie - a huge Swede who worked on a section gang makes a sudden divorce from sanity; Frank Oliver - Spokesman for the West; Cold War on the Fraser River - the Yucultas near Fort Langley were dreaded by all the tribes along the river - until the day when the cold war became a hot war; The Simple Men; First Lady of the Rails - "The Countess of Dufferin"; On Board the M.V. Fort Hearne - great photo study; Robert (Bob) Chambers Edwards (Eye-Opener Bob); Trapping the Big Horn - there was lots of action when some California Bighorn sheep were corralled in the Chilcotin country for shipment to Oregon; The Formative Years - II - part 2 of an article on the early settlement of the area which, 50 years ago, became Saskatchewan and Alberta; The Story of The Sault - on the centenary of the first American locks at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Dr. Clever Bald sketches the history of the two towns - Canadian and American - beside the rapids; Nice colour ad for Hudson's Bay Point Blankets on back cover. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 129.95 USD
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6 Fehrenbach, T.R.; Plantz, D.J.; Duganne, Phyllis; Standish, Robert; Crosby, Bing; taylor, F.J.; Silverman, M.; Alsop, S.; Nicholson, A.; Alexander, Louis; Stern, R.M.; Gardner, E. The Saturday Evening Post, August (Aug.) 5, 1961 - Bing Crosby Calls on Pete Martin
USA Curtis 1961 First Edition Paperback Good 
68 pages. Short Stories: Combat Chaplain; The Time of Evenson; That Girl Upstairs; The Model From Madison Avenue. Articles: Bing Crosby interviews Pete Martin (part 1 of 2) - includes photo of Martin with Marilyn Monroe in 1956; Wizard with Rocks - Rock Garden Designer Rhozo Fuso Kado - color-photo-illustrated article; Can We Get Rid of Bad Doctors?; Master of the Pentagon - William McNamara - article including one-page photo portrait; The Return of the Gaslight; Texas Helps Her Little Latins - now preschool English-language training gives Spanish-speaking children a chance to shed the bonds of second-class citizenship - photo-illustrated article. Serials: Sitting Duck (part 1 of 2); The case of the Bigamous Spouse (part 4 of 7). Ads: Nice color-photo Tareyton ad inside features pretty lady in sun hat; Bell Telephone ad features photo of the 1961 AGM of A.T.T. which was attended by nearly 19,000 shareholders; Dial soap; Sucaryl; Great colour-photo Pepsi ad inside back cover features lady in blue top; Salem cigarette ad on back cover with couple in the woods. Average wear. Unmarked. Address label peeled from front cover. A worthy vintage copy. 
Price: 199.95 USD
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7 Grant, Hector; Taylor, Carl N.; Dickie, Francis; Blyth, Capt. A. Liston; Hulse, John O.; Ferguson, Ronald Muir; Bryde, C.W.; Kemble, Oliver; Murray, Samuel; Raymond, Allen; Gaynor, M.; Person, Lewis; Melville, Fred J. The Wide World - The Magazine for Men, November 1935, No. 452, Vol. 76
London George Newnes 1935 First Edition Paperback Good 
Pages 85-168, plus 32 pages of wonderful vintage ads. Many black and white photos and illustrations. Contents include: The Queen Side of Things - The Shot That Failed; Derelicts of Misfortune; Short Stories - The Novice, My Friend the Sea; Clearing the Road; Through Borneo by 'Bus; Tshaka's Treasure; When Davy Jones Invaded Eden; Work-Hunting in New Zealand - part 1; A Run on Raincoats; Phases of Life - When the Tanker Took Fire, The Tribal Law, Streets Paved with Gold; Man and His Needs; Stamps of the World. Bits of clear tape at each end of spine. Unmarked with average wear. Binding intact. A sound copy of this vintage issue. 
Price: 249.95 USD
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8 Oughton, Frederick J.; Young, Keith Douglas; Hay, Lional; Dempson, Peter W.; Thompson, Alec; Beckett, Leslie; raddatz, N.A.; Belletti, Major F.H.; McCormick, James; Henderson, Rose; Taylor, Carl N. The Wide World Magazine - August 1950 Vol.105 No.628: The Cleaning-Up of Williamson County, Illinois (Part 4 of 4)
London George Newnes Limited 1950 First Edition Paperback Fair 
Pages 265-330 plus 22 pages of ads. Features include: The River-Pilot - author piloted a coal barge in the Monongahela River in West Virginia; Seeking the "Ruined City" - Author's trip to a fantastic natural wonder in Australia's Arnhem Land; Old Ned - Story by a Merchan Navy "Sparks"; The Pay-Out - Author became an assistant barman at a little up-country hotel in South Africa; Canadian Police-Dogs - Close-up; Lingeros - South American hoboes; Bush Bandit - An Australian bushman's strange experience; Through Northern India on Horseback - Author needed to get six horses from Simla to Delhi; River Gold - Author's adventure while cruising down British Columbia's mighty Fraser River; Island of Dreams - Puerto Rico; The Cleaning-Up of Williamson County (Part I of 4) - the rise and fall of Charlie Birger in Southern Illinois. Illustrated in black and white. Unmarked with above-average but not excessive wear. Binding intact. A sound vintage copy. 
Price: 149.95 USD
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9 Mitchell-Hedges, F.A.; Hogg, J.E.; Millburn, P.; Mackenzie, D.; Fitz-Simons, F.W.; Maloney, Mercer Sherwood; Lethbridge, O.; Taylor, M.M.; Patterson, R.; Arthur, H.H.; Dickie, F.; Haigh, G.D.; Cook, O.; Trench, C.V. The Wide World Magazine - True Stories of Adventure, August (Aug.) 1925, Vol. LV No. 328 - Hunting the Giant Crocodiles of the Bayano / Two Years in Borneo
London George Newnes, Ltd. 1925 First Edition Paperback Good 
Pages 265-352 plus 16 pages of nostalgic ads. Features: Hunting the Giant Crocodiles of the Bayano, Central America - with amazing photos; The Radio Man's Adventure - terrible experience for Ross Knight in the High Sierras of California; The Golden River - The Kawarau River in New Zealand is to be dammed so its bed may be mined for gold - photo-illustrated article; The Missing Necklace - a tale from the Malay Peninsula; The Lady and the Python - photo-illustrated story from Port Elizabeth; My Novel Holiday - Mercer Sherwood Maloney works as a 'messman' on a cargo-steamer in order to visit Europe; My Search for the King's Treasure, by Lieut. Colonel K.M. Foss, Late Indian Army; The Case for the Sea-Serpent - the log of the "St. Francois Xavier" reports a sighting, according to a 1903 news clipping from the 'Vancouver Province'; Where Cannibals Roam - part 3 - wonderfully photo-illustrated article from Papua; The Looker-on - how card sharks on an Atlantic liner were unmasked; Saved by "The Wide World Magazine" - how reader Hubert H. Arthur benefitted from a 1922 article on a Japanese science called 'Katsu'; Johnny Mackay's Last Hand - a half-breed card player in Canada's northland; Man Versus Lion - South African game ranger is forced to kill lion with sheath knife; Remains of man found in hollow tree - news clipping from the World Herald of Omaha, NE; Two Years in Borneo - part 2 - a strange story of love potion; Some Adventures with Bears - bear stories from Alberta and British Columbia; One-page General Electric ad features 'electric logger' in the Washington woods; One-page Lionel Strongfort ad entitled "When Marriage is Fatal". Average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A sound copy of this great vintage issue. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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10 Taylor, M.; Borders, A.; Piers, Sir Charles; Brightwell, L.; Silas, E.; Domville-Fife, C.; Crockkett, C.; Macgowan, G.; Cursham, A.; Elwyn, J.; Hogg, J.; Charnley, W.; Hayter, C. The Wide World Magazine, True Stories of Adventures, June, 1925, No. 326, Vol. LV - Artist on a Tropic Isle
New York The International News Company 1925 First Edition Paperback Fair 
Pages 90-176 plus 18 pages of ads. Features: Where Cannibals Roam - Part I - Merlin Moore Taylor's adventures into the unknown interior of Papua (article with great photos); "Twisted" Harmon - an RCMP officer spends five years and travels thousands of miles to catch an escaped murderer hiding in the protection of the German Secret Service; Life in a Logging Camp - sensational photo-illustrated article on the Abernethy Lougheed Logging Company's operation in Maple Ridge, British Columbia; "Trawler Tidd" - a cat that went to sea; An Artist on a Tropic Isle - the adventures of Ellis Silas as he painted in the Trobriands group of islands north of New Guinea; Wild Tribes of the Amazon - Part 3 of 3 - the author's adventures as he penetrated deep into Amazonia, with photos (including shrunken head); Feedback on a recent article on the K.K.K.; Chasing the Pulajans - religious fanatics who gave the US authorities in the Philippines untold trouble; To the "End of the World" and Beyond - Captain Gault Macgowan, F.R.G.S. and his wife set out on an eventful journey in the Western Himalayas; Photo of large hawser (3" dia. rope) made of human hair at Kyoto's Higashi-Honganji Temple; The Fatal Slip; One Up on "Homie"; The Taming of the Sheriff - a ranch story from Death Valley, California; Down the Shaft - a West Australian miner's story of a terrible experience at the bottom of a six-hundred foot shaft; Five Hundred Miles in Open Boats - an arduous and eventful arctic journey recounted by retired Mountie, Sergeant-Major C.N.C.Hayter; and more. Somewhat above-average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A worthy copy of this fascinating vintage issue. 
Price: 299.95 USD
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